We are a school, not a business. We teach Yoga. That solely is our aim.

Welcome to The Yoga Factory. Established 2008 in Camperdown the school has been through many changes, just like the practice, students and teachers. In our 13th year now we still pride ourselves on offering the teachings of yoga as they were meant to be. Undiluted and practiced regularly, the teachings create a joy in the heart and a much clearer mind so we can reside in our lives free of ignorance and suffering. We have always resisted the commercial aspects and the big business of what we see yoga becoming. The school and our being teachers and students are not career paths, rather they are life choices.

We focus primarily on classes because it is through the practice, the regularity of getting on the mat that yoga really works. With this in mind and teaching being our passion we have structured the entire school towards the mutually beneficial relationship of regular attendance and learning the art of yoga. As the school has changed over the years so has the way we teach.

Evolving continually and seeing the student's needs continues to be our priority.

It is very satisfying as the owner to be part of such a great school, to continually witness the growth and beauty of the human spirit as we all triumph over the mundane physical world and its empty attraction. As we as students continue to learn, we promise to offer what we know of these ancient teachings to you, the students, free of enticement, false promises, division and greed. To uphold what we see Yoga as will always be our mission. 

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