The Yoga Factory was established in March 2009. During the years the studio has seen many changes, both in name and teaching staff. What has remained constant though is the high standard of teaching and the intimacy of a smaller studio in a ever expanding and overcrowded Yoga Market. Most classes are taught to under 20 students and although not ideal (Yoga is best taught one to one), this does afford the teacher the opportunity to notice you the student and to teach Yoga effectively. Mick Barnes who has been the owner director the entire time has over the years completed a 200hr Yoga diploma certificate. The 300 hr Jivamukti Yoga teacher training. A 500hr Jivamukti Apprenticeship with Anja Kuehnel from Jivamukti Yoga Berlin, and most recently sat and passed the Jivamukti Advanced certification exam. He has such a love and belief in Yoga, especially the Jivamukti Yoga method, he founded and co-directed Jivamukti Yoga Sydney with Katie Manitsas.

Our Studio

The studio has a warmth. It's inviting and comfortable, most probably from the 1000's of classes taught within. The energy of past and present students and teachers live here. It's rich in this history, this energy of Yoga. You can feel it. The Yoga. Our teachers are diverse. They come from different styles and backgrounds. Both as students and teachers. Although Mick's love is Jivamukti he encourages the Yoga Factory teachers to pursue their Yoga, their practice, their teachers. Yoga is for everybody so its important that we cater to all types of students. 

As a student of The Yoga Factory we encourage that you find a teacher who meets your needs and that you feel a connection to them and the way they teach. To benefit from Yoga the student needs to practice. This is essential. Without a regular practice it is impossible for the teacher to teach you. There will be no progress, no Yoga. It will always be a struggle for both teacher and student. The benefits of Yoga come to those that have a willingness to practice. Only when the student and teacher enter into this mutual relationship can there be progress and an understanding of Yoga. 

Come early, at least 10 minutes. Be keen. You can use our mats, there free. But after a few weeks buy one. Its a good investment in your future.

Yoga is possible for anyone who really wants it. Yoga is universal. Yoga is not mine. But dont approach Yoga with a business mind looking for wordly gain. If you want to be near God, turn your mind toward God and practice Yoga. As the scriptures say: "without Yoga practice, how can knowledge give you Moksha ? (liberation)." Pattabhi Jois. 

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