06:30 Course 3 Spiritual Warrior (Mick) 60 mins
10:00  Yoga (Miya) 75 min 
18:00 Yoga (Mick) 95 mins
19:45 Course 1 Basic Curriculum* (Mick) 95 mins
  (*Next Course starts Jan 2018 - Enrolments essential)


 06:30 Yoga (Mick) 60 mins
10:00 Yoga (Nicole M.) 75 mins
12:00 Yoga (Nicole M.) 60 mins
18:00 Yoga (Miya) 75 Mins 

Course 2* Transitions to Vinyasa (Mick) 75 Mins




10:00 Yin Yoga (Miya) 75 mins
12:00 Yoga (Miya) 60 mins
18:00 Yoga (Miya) 75 mins

Course 3* Spiritual Warrior  (Kaz) 60 mins 




06:30 Yoga (Mick) 60 mins 
10:00 Yoga (Nicole M.) 75 mins

Jivamukti (Mick) 95 Mins

19:45 Course 2* Transitions to Vinyasa (Mick) 75 mins 


 06:30 Yoga (John) 60 mins
 18:00 Yin Yoga (Kaz) 75 mins 


08:00 Jivamukti (Mick) 95 mins
10:00 Course 3 Spiritual Warrior (Mick) 60 mins
14.00 *Kirtan (Sevadevi) 90 mins

Yoga (Miya) 75 mins 


*Kirtan is held on the first Saturday of every month.


08:00 Jivamukti (Mick) 95 min 
10:00 Yoga (Miya) 75 min

Note: Regular students of Jivamukti open classes may attend Course 3 Spiritual Warrior at any time without enrolling in course.

New to yoga?

  • Please come 10-15 mins early to get yourself signed in and set up without disturbing your fellow students.
  • Please wear confortable clothing.
  • For hygiene purposes we reccomend that you BYO mat, however we have mats, blocks, blankets and straps available for use at no extra charge.
  • Please tell your teacher in advance if you are pregrnant or suffering from any illnesses or injuries.
  • Have an open mind, see where your yoga practice takes you!


Monthly Unlimited Yoga Pass:
$150 a month, commence at any time ($37.50 a week)
$130 for Students*

75 min & 95 min classes
$24 Casual Drop-In
$20 Students* 

60 min classes
$20 Casual Drop-In     
$17 Students*

Beginners Courses:
Course 1: $120 
Course 2: $135  
Course 3: $150    
(Duration of each course is four weeks) 

Private classes: Price on inquiry

In Class Privates:  With Mick or Kaz. Can only be taken in a Jivamukti class. This is where the student receives hands on adjustments for the entire class being taken.  Great to deepen your practice and experience of a posture. $70

Corporate Classes: 
We come to you. Price on enquiry.  

 (*Students must show student cards upon request. 10% Discount on all courses)



Jivamukti Open classes center on a theme based on a globally-set "Focus of the Month" essay, usually written by either Sharon Gannon or David Life. The theme is explored through "dharma talks",  reflections on the modern relevance of yoga scripture, music, asanas (postures or poses), pranayama (breathing), and meditation. The largest portion of the class consists of asana practiced as vinyasa. In vinyasa (movement synchronized with breath and intention) the teacher guides the student through a vigorous sequence of poses. The exact sequence is left to the discretion of the teacher, but always includes inversions, such as headstand and shoulderstand. During the vinyasa phase, the teacher assists practitioners with hands-on adjustments. The class concludes with a period of deep relaxation and meditation.

Yoga Classes

Mixed level classes. Suitable for all levels. Teachers offer lots of variations and alignment instructions.

Yin Yoga 

Yin yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga with postures, or asanas, that are held for longer periods of time. Yin yoga poses apply moderate stress to the connective tissues of the body—the tendons, fascia, and ligaments—with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility. A more meditative approach to yoga, yin aims at cultivating awareness of inner silence, and bringing to light a universal, interconnecting quality.


Everyone is welcome to join Sevadevi and bhakti singers and musicians from around Sydney in devotional call and response chanting known as 'Kirtan'. Held on the first Saturday of every month. Entry is by donation with all proceeds going to the Food for Life charity.


A comprehensive 12 week course designed to fill the gaps between beginning and general classes. 
Each individual course runs for 4 weeks. Enrolments essential, to book contact Miya on  0406 585 730.

Course 1: Basic Curriculum
A comprehensive 4 week course for the brand new yogi. Taught from the Jivamukti basic curriculum:
Week 1 - Standing asana.
Week 2 - Forward bending.
Week 3 - Back bending.
Week 4 - Putting it all together.
Students will attend once a week and familiarise themselves with the practice and a weekly attendance. After completion of Course 1 it is recommended to continue to Course 2 to build on the foundation.

Course 2: Transitions To Vinyasa
To attend this course you must have completed The Yoga Factory Course 1. During this 4 week course we will increase our practice attending twice a week. The Transitions to Vinyasa course will effectively introduce the student to Vinyasa, which simply put refers to a flowing sequence of asana (postures) linked by breath and intention. Each week we will introduce new asana and begin to understand sequencing.

Course 3: Spiritual Warrior
To attend this course you must have completed The Yoga Factory Courses 1 and 2. During this course we will increase our attendance to 3 times a week. This is a brisk, guided, led vinyasa class in which the teacher calls out the asanas and provides the breath count, but gives minimal instruction as to how to do the various asanas. The class offers a well-rounded practice as a set sequence that includes a warm-up, the setting of an elevated intention, surya namaskar, standing asanas, twists, balances, backward bending, forward bending and inversions, as well as meditation and relaxation, and is designed to be completed in one hour.

(Students who attend the Jivamukti open classes may come to Course 3, Spiritual Warrior at any time.)