06:00 Intermediate (Mick) 90 min
10:00  Open (Miya) 75 min 
18:00 Open (Mick) 75 min 
19:30  Pranayama and Meditation (Mick) 60 min


06:00 Intermediate (Mick) 90 min
10:00 Open (Nicole) 75 min
18:00 Open (Miya) 75 min

Beginners Course Part 1&2 (6 week duration) (Mick, Miya, Kaz) 

Enrollment  is now open for the course starting 28.04.20 






6:30 Shadow Yoga (Tash) 60 min                        
10:00 Open (Miya) 75 min
18:00 Open (Miya) 75 min

Restorative (Miya) 75 min




6:00  Intermediate (Mick) 90 min

Open (Nicole) 75 min


Open (Kaz) 75 min


Beginners Course Part 1&2 (6 week duration) (Mick, Miya, Kaz) 

Enrollment  is now open for the course starting 28.04.20 

TO enroll  CALL 0435382186 OR EMAIL mick(at) 



6:30 Open (John) 60 min 
18:00      Open (Paul) 75 min     


08:00 Intermediate II Focus Class (Mick) 120 min
10:00 Open Focus (Mick) 75 min

Open (Tara) 75 min


*Kirtan is held on the first Saturday of every month.

Please note: No Kirtan will be held in April


08:00 Intermediate (Mick) 90 min 
10:00 Open (Miya) 75 min  


Monthly Unlimited Yoga Pass:

$180 a month, commence at any time | please note: suspension of regular monthly passes is not possible
$165 Students*

Monthly Unlimited DIRECT DEBIT:

$170 monthly (payment is going to be automatically taken directly from your bank account every month)

10-class Pass:


$200 Students

75 min & 95 min classes:

$28 Casual Drop-In
$25 Students* 

60 min classes :

$24 Casual Drop-In     
$21 Students*

Beginners Courses 6 Weeks (Part one and two, twice a week attendance for six weeks is required)


Private classes: Price on inquiry

 (*Students must show student cards upon request. 10% Discount on all courses)


Here at the Yoga Factory we try foremost to encourage a regular practice. Over the years we have noticed the one thing that hinders a student’s ability to develop a yoga practice is attendance. Although we have tried to offer many levels of practice: beginners, open, intermediate and advanced, our observations are that if the attendance is inconsistent and irregular, the practice will always be a struggle with no steadiness or joy. With practice everything is possible. Please make sure you attend a class suitable to your level so as everyone has a good experience.


Recommended for students who have established their practice and are in the process of regular attendance (Students who have completed beginners 1 and 2 as well). Classes are taught with articulate intruction and modifications, with an emphasis on linking movement and breath in synchronicity to establish a sense withdrawal and concentration.


We will use this class to look at all aspects of yoga more thoroughly. Whether it be asana, breath, bandhas or kriyas. Each topic or focus will continue over 4 Saturdays of the month. To get the most out of this class, it is recommended to do the 4 week cycle. These Focus Classes are a great way to get the most from your practice. Suitable for a;; open class students and in particular those who have completed our Beginner Course.


Suitable for students who have established their practice, This means to be familiar with the progression of asana and breath count. Simply put, this class requires more inner work, therefore the emphasis is on established practice. By established practice we mean a regular attendance at least 3 times a week over an uninterupted period of time.


This class is a natural continuation from the work of 2019 Intermediate Focus Class. Regular students of these Intermediate Classes are well equipped with asana, breath, gaze, locks and count. With mastery of these essentials we are now prepared to go a little deeper into the abyss of yoga. As this class has a portion of strict vinyasa with minimal instruction it is essential to be familiar with 8 limb path.

This class will run similarly to 2019 Focus Class. This means it is going to be 4 week cycles covering particular areas of our practice.

If you have attended Intermediate and Intermediate Focus classes, you are most welcome at Intermediate II Focus. If not, please email mick(at) or call 0435382186 to discuss attendance. 


Restorative Yoga is practice that is all about slowing down and opening your body through passive stretching. During the long holds of restorative yoga your muscles are allowed to relax deeply. It is a very particular feeling, because props rather than your muscles, are used to suppor your body. 


This class wil explore the very breath of yoga. "Patanjali describes pranayama as the removal of agitation and trubulence from inhalation and exhalation. Lack of agitation and turbulence in breathing practices equates to a smooth flow of mind, making meditation more achievable." (Gregor Maehle)

Students will learn a very old traditional way of pranayama where they will over time learn how to use breath, count, mantra and visiualisation to achieve greater levels of concetration. Learned the pravtice will become part of your everyday practice. 


Everyone is welcome to join Sevadevi and bhakti singers and musicians from around Sydney in devotional call-and-response chanting known as 'Kirtan'. Held on the first Saturday of each month. Entry is by donation with all proceeds going to the Food for Life charity.


Our beginner course has been developed over 13 long years. Through observation over these years we have ascertained that beginners need two very important fundamentals: 1. Consistent practice with increasing attendance 2. Comprehensive instruction and experienced teacher. We have both. The common misconception being offered around and bought is that yoga can be taught in 4 WEEKS. We beg to differ. The 6 week, twice a week Beginner Course readily prepares and equips the students with everything they need to be informed and confident to be able to attend classes regularly and practice safely. The course is designed to build slowly from the ground up. The student will move from the static postures of PART ONE onto PART TWO, where we will learn vinyasa and count which will equip the student with the structure for attendance at the Open level classes.

Enrollment is essential as is your time. The biggest failure we see with students is their lack of time. Please consider making time as yoga will for a small investment initially give huge returns. Health is paramount. Life is fleeting. One needs a strong body and mind to navigate this crazy world.   

PART 1:  The beginner course starts off with PART 1. In this part we introduce the students to basic asana, fundamentals and breath. The class is very static as we explore different ways to understand alignment and the importance of structure and perceptual accuracy. Class includes standing asana, backbends, forward bends and twists. The twice a week attendance over two weeks is to prepare the student for PART 2. 

PART 2:  This PART is also twice a week. We begin by linking the static postures of PART 1 into a seamless thread of movement and breath synchronicity. We will structure a set sequence of fundamental asana. The class will include all the asana from PART ONE plus headstand and shoulder stand.

Don’t worry you will be guided at all times and offered very skillful modifications if needed.



Note: we recommend open classes for students who have completed our beginners course.

New to yoga?

  • Please come 10-15 mins early to get yourself signed in and set up without disturbing your fellow students.
  • Please wear confortable clothing.
  • For hygiene purposes we reccomend that you BYO mat, however we have mats, blocks, blankets and straps available for use at no extra charge.
  • Please tell your teacher in advance if you are pregnant or suffering from any illnesses or injuries.
  • Have an open mind, see where your yoga practice takes you!
  • Practice of yoga is so much more accessible once you get over the physical hump.