150hr Mentoring Program with Mick Barnes

The Yoga Factory is offering Yoga Australia certified 150hr post-graduate study program. After completion of which 200hr teacher would become 350hr level one Yoga Australia certified and 350hr teacher would become 500hr level two Yoga Australia certified. 

The training is run by Mick Barnes who is level 3 Senior Teacher, advanced certified Jivamukti Teacher and has been owning and directing yoga schools for 13 years. During that time he has owned and co-directed Samadhi Yoga Newtown; Jivamukti Yoga Newtown, Camperdown, Alexandria and Wolli Creek; and of course The Yoga Factory Annandale and previously Camperdown.

The outline for the 150hr mentoring curriculum is thorough. It is about being present and hands on with Mick for the entire 150hr. There are 3x50h modules that are very specific to teaching, assisting and understanding the methodology of sequencing and teaching safely, effectively and inclusively. The course requires a minimum of 8.5h a week. These hours are spread over the week and are very do-able for those that have the tenacity. What these hours each week are will be revealed on application but to put it briefly they inculde one-on-one sessions with Mick, assisting and co-teaching in a live class setting. Suffice to say, not one minute is spent wasting time on nonsense that will not contribute to your confidence and ability to teach.

Mick gives his personal gurantee that this 150hr training will not only equip one with teaching skills but it will also lay out a very straightforward smart way to teach. Not to call out sequences but to TEACH to all levels, from beginners to intermediate students. 

If you are interested contact mick(at)theyogafactory.com.au or call 0435382186. A full comprehensive outline and course prices will be made available to you upon request. 

350hr Teacher Training

The 2-week Intensive component will be held in Byron Bay Hinterland from the 3rd of September till the 17th of September 2020.

The remaining hours after the initial intensive will be taught at The Yoga Factory Annandale in Sydney.


For more information and to reserve your spot contact mick(at)theyogafactory.com.au OR call 0435382186.