Michael Barnes

Michael Barnes





My introduction to yoga was astanga yoga. Since those early days some 18 years ago I have practiced continually. Since being certified to teach in 2008 I have continually taught between 10 minimum and 17 maximum classes a week. I have always taught beginners which I find hugely challenging but also the most rewarding. Some regulars I have taught for my entire teaching life, which is a huge honor.

To observe students flourish physically, mentally and spiritually is incredibly special. I believe a regular practice is the best way to understand yoga. The same can be said about teaching, you have to teach to understand teaching. What I know about yoga is a direct result of the practice. Everything has happened as a result of the time on the mat and the time teaching. Questions arise and I seek the teachings from the source, those that have gone before me, and some things become clear and the answers arise innately over time as I establish the witness to what is arising. I have been extremely fortunate to be in the presence of the most amazing teachers and also fortunate to be in the company of the greatest frauds. The discernment to know the difference has again come as a result of the practice. I am grateful to all. I am continually humbled and blessed with gratitude to be able to share this path with so many amazing students over the years. You all give my life its purpose. Knowing what it is you are meant to be doing is such a joy. Thank you all.



The Yoga Factory (Camperdown) 2008-2009, Owner/Director

Samadhi Yoga (Camperdown) 2009-2010, Co-Owner/Director with Katie Manitsas

Jivamukti Yoga (Newtown, Camperdown, Alexandria, Wolli Creek) 2010-2012,  Co-owner/Director with Katie Manitsas

Established Jivamukti Yoga Sydney

The Yoga Factory (Camperdown) 2012-2015, Owner/Director

The Yoga Factory (Annandale) 2016-Present, Owner/Director

John Atyeo

The first time I rolled out a yoga mat was 18 years ago. Over this time I have been in the presence of some amazing teachers who have inspired me, challenged me and encouraged me to explore my personal yoga practice. Having completed 700+ hours of teacher trainings, my aim as a yoga teacher is to pass on my experience and love of yoga with integrity, authenticity and a lot of joy. As a teacher, I remain a student, so the study and the practice of yoga is a lifelong journey of exploration, awareness, intelligence and surrender.

Nicole Mohay

Those that have been around yoga for a time would know Nicole. She has been teaching Yoga for 25 years. Nothing need be said about this amazing woman and teacher.

Sevapuri Hurst

Sevapuri is a dedicated Yogi with over 20 years yoga teaching experience, having begun hus Yoga journey with Yoga in Daily Life where he was Head Teacher from 1998-2003. Sevapuri is a disciplined practitioner and gifted teacher stepping onto the mat at the Yoga Factory every Tuesday.

Miya Spears

Having begun practicing yoga in her teen years, Miya became a certified yoga teacher in 2011 and now also holds a Graduate Diploma in Yoga Therapy. As a big believer in mindfulness and yoga as therapy, she strives to make yoga accessible to every being so that yogic philosophy can be applied to the twenty-first century lifestyle. Her teachers include Idit Hefer, Donna Farhi, Jasmine Tarkeshi and Mick Barnes, whom she is most grateful to have guided her on her path thus far. Her teaching style is playful, challenging, peaceful, simple and everything in between.

Kaz Fewell

Kaz started practicing yoga under the guidance of Mick Barnes in 2008 at The Yoga Factory (at the tender age of 41) and has been blessed to have been taught & supported by Mick ever since.She undertook her first teacher training at Samadhi Yoga in 2010.Kaz travelled to New York to study with co-founders of the Jivamukti Yoga Method Sharon Gannon & David Life & was mentored by Lady Ruth Lauer-Manenti throughout her teacher training, gaining Certification in 2011.She has continued studies in Australia under the mentorship of visiting Jivamukti teacher Jessica Stickler, New York.The Sanskrit Breakfast Club was formed at TYF in 2013, and Kaz continues studying yogic philosophy & language with her teacher Stephanie.Her style of teaching? Come see for yourself!