Workshops are an awesome way to refine your yoga practise. For the beginner they are the best way to acquire the fundamentals of alignment and breathing for specific postures. And for the regular yogi workshops offer the opportunity to gain deeper knowledge of yoga and your own practice.

The Yoga Factory is very excited to be presenting a range of workshops over the coming months.


Beginners Course with Mick Barnes - Ongoing throughout 2017

Come and learn more than the basics in this comprehensive twelve-week course, covering the major yoga postures, breathing techniques and much more! The full 12 weeks consists consists of three 4-week courses outlined below:

Course 1: Basic Curriculum March 20th (once a week)
Mondays 7.45pm (95 minute class)

Course 2: Transitions to Vinyasa (twice a week) 
Tuesdays 7.30pm + Thursdays 7.45pm (75 minute classes)

Course 3: Spiritual Warrior  (three times a week)
Saturdays 10.00am + Mondays 6.30am + Wednesdays 7.30pm (1 hour classes)

Course 1: Basic Curriculum

For the brand new Yogi. A comprehensive 4 week course. Week 1: standing asana. Week 2: forward bending. Week 3: back bending. Week 4: putting it all together. Students will attend once a week and familiarise themselves with the practice and a weekly attendance. After completion of Course 1 it is recommended to continue to Course 2 to build on the foundation.
Cost is $120. Enrolment is essential.
Call 0435 382 186.

Course 2: Transitions to Vinyasa

To attend this course you must have completed The Yoga Factory Course 1. During this 4 week course we will increase our practice attending twice a week. The Transitions to Vinyasa course will effectively introduce the student to Vinyasa, which simply put refers to a flowing sequence of asana linked by breath and intention. Each week we will introduce new asana and begin to understand sequencing.
Cost is $135. Enrolment is essential.
Call 0435 382 186.

Course 3: Spiritual Warrior

To attend this course you must have completed The Yoga Factory Courses 1 and 2. During this course we will increase our attendance to 3 times a week. This is a brisk, guided, led vinyasa class in which the teacher calls out the asanas and provides the breath count, but gives minimal instruction as to how to do the various asanas. The class offers a well-rounded practice as a set sequence that includes a warm-up, surya namaskar, standing asanas, twists, balances, backward bending, forward bending and inversions, as well as meditation and relaxation, and is designed to be completed in one hour.
Cost is $150. Enrolment is essential.
Call 0435 382 186.

Students who attend the Jivamukti open classes may come to Course 3, Spiritual Warrior at any time.



4 Week Yin Yoga Course with Miya - 4 March 2017

Deepen your practice with Yin, a slow-paced style of yoga with postures, or asanas, that are held for longer periods of time. Yin yoga poses apply moderate stress to the connective tissues of the body—the tendons, fascia, and ligaments—with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility. A more meditative approach to yoga, yin aims at cultivating awareness of inner silence, and bringing to light a universal, interconnecting quality. 

Course begins Saturday 4 March and runs for four consecutive weeks
(Every Saturday 5:30pm - 6:30pm)

*This course is now fully booked! Express your interest for the next yin course.



Workshops with Yoga Elements' Adrian Cox this April

$50 per single workshop or attend all four for $180.
Limited spaces, pre-book to secure your spot!
See below for course details 

About Adrian:
Founder and Director of Yoga Elements (Bankok) Adrian is a licenced NLP Trainer and Yoga teacher with over sixteen years experience. His classes draw upon an in-depth study and practice of yoga, Ayurveda, meditation, philosophy, mind, and linguistics for over twenty years. He brings to his teachings a deep interest in people, change, healing, and personal development. He teachers trainings and conferences throughout the world.

Register now, call Mick on 0435 382 186   



Bandha Workshop with Adrian Cox - 23 April 2017

This workshop on the practice of bandha will answer the HOW and WHY about the use of bandha (body locks) in the practice of yoga asana and pranayama. You will learn the specific anatomy, put it into simple practice and transform your yoga forever:
- An easier way to mula bandha
- Accessing the deep front line of the body
- Navel bandha
- Throat bandha
- Moving your body's energy 

$50 as a single course, or attend all four for $180. Booking essential, spaces limited! 

(Please do NOT eat least 3 hours prior to this workshop.)




PSOAS Muscle Workshop with Adrian Cox - 22 April 2017

Many people have a big problem with this muscle. If your psoas is tight, it can cause serious postural problems. A tight psoas is a common cause of lower back pain and stiffness and can contribute to arthritis in the lumbar facet joints, shorten your breath and even a belly that sticks out more than you would like. In this workshop, learn how to:
- Improve the strength of your spine
- Relieve lower back pain
- Get better alignment
- Improve appearance
- Open your backbends
- Bring ease to your breath
You will develop inside knowledge  of the super important anatomy and practice a sensory-enhancing yoga sequence to change things for the better. 

$50 as a single course, or attend all four for $180. Booking essential, spaces limited! 


The Yoga of Breath Workshop with Adrian Cox - 29 April 2017

Learning how to safely and effectively practice pranayama will enhance your control of your body and lightness in yoga practice, deepens meditaion and promotes higher consciousness. It leads to improved health and energy levels and brings on feelings of peace and harmony.
Get the knowledge and tools you need to proctice pranayama. This workshop explores the anatomy and physiology of breathing, body 'locks' (bandha) and practice sessions as well as some of the esoteric dimensions of mind and philosophy of prana:
- The Big Picture - it's about energy
- Types of pranayama
- The anatomy of breathing
- The Five Prana
- Swara Yoga
- Practice Routines

$50 as a single course, or attend all four for $180. Booking essential, spaces limited! 




Handstands & Inversions Workshop with Adrian Cox - 30 April 2017

There are very specific tricks that you can learn to use to make your body feel light, strong and ready to fly into handstands and inversions safely. Many people think it's about strength but it's really more about attitude and technique. Learn what you need to know to make handstands and inversions a fun and safe part of your practice:

- The big picture - it's about confidence and a new perspective.
- Anatomy of the shoulder and weight distribution.
- The role of the hamstrings and hips.
- Breath and lifting.
- Maintaining the holds with bandha.
- Partner work to build trust. 

$50 as a single course, or attend all four for $180. Booking essential, spaces limited!