Workshops are an awesome way to refine your yoga practice. For the beginner they are the best way to acquire the fundamentals of alignment and breathing for specific postures. And for the regular yogi workshops offer the opportunity to gain deeper knowledge of yoga and your own practice.

The Yoga Factory is very excited to be presenting a range of workshops over the coming months.


Focus Class

Saturday mornings 8.00am - 10.00am, 2 hour focus class with Mick for students who have developed and maintained a regular practice. First hour will be strict vinyasa to establish heat, intention and stillness. The second hour we will focus on one element of the practice to explore different challenges we face. Each month for a 4 week cycle we will focus on particular component of the practice.

 Saturday 8am-10am focus with Mick

This month Mick will focus on HIPS !!!

Beginner Courses 1, 2, & 3

Beginners Course with Mick Barnes - Ongoing throughout 2019.


Our beginner course has been developed over 10 long years.
Our intention through observation over time is that beginners need two very important fundamentals:
1) consistent practice with increasing attendance
2) comprehensive instruction and experienced teacher.
We have both.  

The common misconception being offered around and bought is that yoga can be taught in 4 or 6 weeks, I beg to differ. The 12 weeks beginner course readily prepares and equips the students with everything they need to be informed and confident to be able to attend classes regularly and practice safely, competently and full of the joy that arises. 

The course is designed to build slowly from the ground up. The student will move from the static postures of course one and attending once a week: onto course two and attending twice a week where we learn vinyasa and structure a set class for: course 3 where we attend 3 times a week and practice the same class repetitiously to move away from the physicality of the practice to a more meditative state where we can begin to observe the phenomena of mind and body attachments. 

Enrolment is essential as is your time. The biggest failure I see with students is their lack of time. Please consider making time as yoga will for a small investment initially give huge returns. Health is paramount. Life is fleeting. One needs a strong body and mind to navigate this crazy world.   

COURSE ONE:  4 week course. The beginner course starts off with attendance once a week. In this course we introduce the students to basic asana fundamentals and breath. The class is very static as we explore different ways to understand alignment and the importance of structure and perceptual accuracy. Class includes standing asana, backbends, forward bends and twists. The once a week attendance is to prepare the student for Course 2, twice a week attendance.

(Monday evenings $130 for 4 weeks)

COURSE TWO:  This course increases our attendance to twice a week. We begin by linking the static postures of course one into a seamless thread of movement and breath synchronicity. Each week over the 8 classes of the 2nd month we structure a set sequence of asana, which we will learn and then do in course three. The class will include all the asana from course one plus headstand and shoulder stand, don’t worry you will be guided at all times and offered very skilful modifications if needed.

(Tuesday + Thursday evenings at 7.30pm, $140 for 4 weeks)

COURSE 3:  The grand finale. Course 3. Having learnt our fundamentals and put them into a set sequence we now put it all together. Attendance is 2 times a week and we do the same class over and over to really understand this whole idea of yoga. The repetition of a set class allows the student with the aid of skilful hands on energetic assists to really deepen the practice and turn our gaze inwards.

 Wednesday 7.30pm + Saturday 10am, $160 for 4 weeks. Plus freedom to attend as many other classes as you like to gain confidence and establish practice)

Beginners Course Dates

Our Beginners Course books out quickly and quite in advance due to the high demand and limited number of places. If you have already booked into a Beginners Course, please see below for your course dates.